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Pediatric Prosthodontic Procedures

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Pediatric Prosthodontic ProceduresPediatric prosthodontic procedures refer to the specialization within dentistry that operates in designing, creating, and placing replacements for broken or missing teeth in kids and teenagers with genetic anomalies. Typically, these procedures enhance oral functioning by replacing and restoring teeth. Here are the most common pediatric prosthodontic procedures pediatric prosthodontists perform:

Dental Implant

Typically, dental implants are widely used by the adult population. However, most prosthodontists lack knowledge of performing this technique in children. This is due to the growth and development factor of the bone. Fortunately, pediatric prosthodontists can perform treatment procedures for oral rehabilitation in children. The implants technique used in pediatric dentistry almost resembles adult patients' techniques. However, pediatric prosthetic procedures require proper planning.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Pediatric prosthodontists can replace missing teeth in children using fixed space maintainers generally used for children. These devices are irremovable and removed. Therefore, parents don't have to worry about their kids losing them.

Dental Crowns

Broken and decayed teeth threaten everyone due to their ugly nature. Also, decayed teeth trigger pain when chewing and, therefore, urgent treatment attention. Crowns are used in pediatric dentistry for multiple reasons, such as repairing and restoring decayed or improperly developed primary baby teeth.

Dental Bonding

In children, bonding is considered purely for aesthetic purposes. This treatment involves the direct application of tooth-colored material to the teeth. This material helps in improving teeth' appearance and function. Typically, the restorative material used is known as composite resin.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is often used to replace a missing tooth. These false teeth are used to make bridges between your teeth using a restoration material called porcelain. Porcelain complements your teeth hence bringing out a beautiful smile. Dental bridging can be a challenge to the pediatric prosthodontist in children because of the small size of teeth and thin enamel. However, pediatric prosthodontists can easily perform such procedures to leave your kid's mouth fully functioning.

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