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Things to Watch for When Your Dentures Need Replacing

Posted on 10/30/2019 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Things to Watch for When Your Dentures Need ReplacingAlthough dentures are made to be both strong and durable, they aren't made to last forever. There will eventually come a time when you must replace them so your oral health remains at its best.

Fortunately, there are some signs you can watch for so you'll know when the time to replace your dentures has come.

The Changing Fit of Your Dentures

Over time the way your dentures fit inevitably changes because your underlying bone structure continually shifts. This makes it challenging to eat or speak. The opposite is also true in that if you don't wear your dentures, they will start fitting too tight. In either case, you should have your dentures routinely inspected and relined bi-yearly.

Broken Teeth or Base

When some part of your denture breaks, we won't necessarily need to replace them. Sometimes we can repair them, but this isn't something you should do for yourself as doing so could cause serious health issues (e.g. TMJ, bite problems). However, when your denture's base breaks, then you will need to have the appliance replaced because this is the most important part of your dentures. Once it's been damaged your dentures won't be functional any longer.

Dirt and Stains

Dentures tend to crack or fracture over time. This leads to the build-up of dirt and bacteria hiding in these areas. When you don't take time to address this issue, your gums may grow infected, which can cause you a lot of additional problems.

Pain and Discomfort

When your dentures don't fit in your mouth properly, you'll start to be in pain. This can be in your neck, shoulder, or back so make sure when you feel it, you get your dentures checked.

When you're feeling or experiencing any of these things with your dentures, you should give us a call and make an appointment to visit our office so we can determine if your dentures need to be replaced.
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