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Do You Lose a Lot of Tooth When it Gets Trimmed for a Bridge or Crown?

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Do You Lose a Lot of Tooth When it Gets Trimmed for a Bridge or Crown?Trimming of the tooth is a necessary process for getting both a crown and a bridge. Trimming the teeth is necessary to add stability to the teeth and also prevent against further decay.

The objective of both procedures it to an even and comfortable bite that lasts for years to come. Many people getting a crown or bridge may be concerned about losing teeth during the procedure, but we make sure to only take away enough material.

The benefits of receiving a crown or bridge far outweigh the minimal tooth loss. By receiving a crown or bridge, you ensure that you will be able to keep up proper dental hygiene and increase your quality of life. Without implementing these procedures, it is possible the affected tooth and gum area will develop more serious problems. So, the process of having a crown or bridge installed is highly beneficial while also being effective at retaining a healthy smile.

The Process of Implementing a Crown or Bridge

The process of getting a crown starts with numbing the area that the crown will be placed with a local anesthetic. After the area is numbed, we will create an impression your tooth so that we will be able to create a crown with an exact fit. Once the impression is made, we will begin working on your tooth and preparing it for the crown.

Part of the preparation is to remove very precise amounts of tooth so that the crown can fit snug and secure between your other teeth. After the shaving is complete, we will take now final impression of the tooth so that the crown will fit on top of the altered tooth. You will then receive a temporary crown and will need to wait for the permanent to be fabricated.

Getting a bridge is similar to the process of getting a crown. Often times, it is necessary to install crowns on the two teeth adjacent to the space where a tooth is missing. This is important to add rigidity to the false tooth and bridge. While getting a bridge we will not shave the teeth any more than necessary to place a crown.

If you are considering a crown or bridge, please take the time to call our office and schedule a consultation. While you are here, we can talk more about the amount of tooth that will be necessary to remove during your procedure.
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