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How to Keep Dental Bonding from Staining if You Love Coffee

Posted on 11/30/2019 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
How to Keep Dental Bonding from Staining if You Love CoffeeDental bonding is a procedure performed at our office, which attempts to reconstruct the natural look of a tooth. We apply the material to the tooth and apply a light to the area which will harden the material, creating a bond between it and the tooth.

The main purpose of implementing this procedure is to repair decayed teeth or to fill cavities.

Steps to Prevent Staining

Like actual teeth, the bonding material used during this procedure is susceptible to staining from liquids such as coffee. If you love to kick-start your day with a fresh cup of joe, there are precaution you can take to save your smile from the acidity and color of coffee.

First, it is important to understand how teeth staining occurs. Teeth get stained when liquids that are carbonated, acidic, or strongly colored come in contact with the tooth. Teeth are made from porous material, so over time the liquid will soak into them causing discoloration. Coffee is particularly good at staining teeth because of its dark color and acidity which eats away at the surfaces of the teeth.

The first action you can take to avoid dental bonding taking on the color coffee is proper dental hygiene. This means flossing and brushing at least two times a day and visiting our office once every six months for an in-depth cleaning. We also recommend that before you have a cup of joe in the morning, you brush your teeth. Staining and enamel damage is increased when brushing your teeth after drinking or eating highly acidic foods. This is because the acid in foods softens the enamel and brushing your teeth while it is softened can wear it away more quickly.

If you already have coffee staining, it is possible to get over-the-counter teeth whiteners or whitening toothpaste, however, improper use of these products could lead to a more porous tooth surface, eventually causing even more staining. The best option for teeth whitening would be to call us and schedule an appointment for a cleaning and whitening. If you would like more information on whitening, please feel to call us.
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