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Cone Beam Technology Can Improve Your Results from Dental Implant Procedures

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Cone Beam Technology Can Improve Your Results from Dental Implant ProceduresWhen it comes to fixing broken, missing or damaged teeth, dental implants offer the most permanent solution. It may surprise some people to find out that modern dental implants were first used more than 50 years ago.

Over that time, many people have benefitted from the implants. The implant used 50 years ago are similar to what dental implants look like today, but like many other things, technology has improved them over the years. One technology that is helping improve the results from dental implants is cone beam technology. It is worth learning more about how we use this.

What is It?
Cone beam technology is a CT scan. Unlike traditional x-rays, it provides a 3D picture of the mouth. It utilizes a combination of both a 3D mouth scanner and software to create a 3D image of the mouth. One of the advantages of cone beam technology is that it uses 70% less radiation than a traditional CT scan. This helps protect the patient and the technicians involved.

The Benefits of Cone Beam Technology

Since it was possible to use implants with traditional x-rays, some may wonder why cone beam technology and a 3D image is any better. Getting a 3D image of the mouth helps in several ways. It allows for a more accurate measurement of the bone dimensions. It provides a better picture of the health of the bone tissue. It shows the placement of blood vessels and nerves and it shows the exact shape of the implant site.

All the extra information allows us to create a better implant that looks even more natural. The cone beam technology does not require any extra time or discomfort and provides us with the best possible information when doing the implants. The success of the implants is much better thanks to cone beam technology.

Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment to ask questions about this or any other technology we use to help you maintain good oral health.
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