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You Could Be Torturing Your Teeth

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
You Could Be Torturing Your TeethOur teeth are created to be tough, however, that toughness contributes to one problem – we tend to take them for granted. Besides, we do other bad things to these teeth, thinking that they will withstand the actions and stay forever chomping away. However, some of those things we do may cause permanent harm to the teeth. You may want to stop these habits that torture your teeth as the American Dental Association points out.

What You are Doing to Your Teeth

Men love chewing ice, but this habit is not good for you. It can chip and crack the teeth. Additionally, chewing ice may irritate the soft tissue in your tooth, hence causing toothaches. Stress can cause the grinding of teeth. Although stress is internalized, it often comes out while you are asleep, and you begin to grind your teeth, a condition referred to as bruxism. Grinding teeth wears them off. Most people who grind teeth may not realize they are doing it unless they wake up with sore jaws. You may want to see a dentist in order to get a mouthguard if you grind teeth.

Consuming fruit juices could harm your teeth and gums. Fruit juices, particularly cocktails contain about 10 percent of actual fruit juice. The rest is a mix of things like sugars, which can damage your teeth. Consider drinking fruit juices that contain 100 percent juice. You may find that some fruit juices have as much sugar like that in soda. Also, some juices are very acidic, meaning they can weaken your enamel.

Sodas contain citric and phosphoric acids, which are corrosive to your enamel. Moreover, leaving a bottle within the crib is a lazy habit. It can damage the developing teeth of the baby. The baby can fall asleep with that bottle placed in their mouth. As a result, they bathe the teeth in sugar overnight. Smoking is another habit you want to stop. Cigarettes stain the teeth and often cause gum disease. Also, tobacco can lead to mouth, lip, or tongue cancer. If you are doing some of these things, book an appointment with us.
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