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Is Whitening Teeth an Option with Crowns in Place?

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Is Whitening Teeth an Option with Crowns in Place?Can you whiten your teeth with crowns in place? In a word, no. Why? Traditional treatments for whitening simply do not work on crowns which are made of porcelain, nor do they work on bonding materials. Therefore, this makes it impossible to whiten crowns, or for that matter, veneers, dentures, or implants once they are put inside your mouth.

Whitening Options with Crowns

The option you have though, is to whiten your product before you would have us install them. Prosthetics that are made of porcelain are very resistant to stains, so they will remain the exact same color no matter what you expose them to – no matter the food or the beverage. Therefore, if you have your crown whitened ahead of time, you can be assured that at least that part of your mouth will always be that very same color indefinitely.

Certain other prosthetics and veneers, however, that are not made of porcelain could become stained depending on the material that is used in them. If you would have any prosthetics made of plastic, they would be prone to darken, especially so over time, but those could be whitened by our staff with a polish.

Essentially the best way to keep your crown or any other prostheses white is to talk with one of the dental professionals at our office and plan ahead. If you would intend to whiten your teeth than you need to have a discussion with us to have that done before you have your crown put in – this way it is possible for us to see the exact color of white your teeth are and then we can prepare to match that color. To find out more about what options you have to brighten your smile, give us a call. We are here to help!

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