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Which Dental Myths Do You Believe?

Posted on 6/8/2020 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Which Dental Myths Do You Believe?Millions and millions of Americans wear dentures every day. Dentures are seen as a great way to give people their smile back. Dentures restore confidence in a smile and allow you to be confident in the way that you look. While dentures are amazing, there are still a lot of people who believe myths about dentures. These myths might prevent people from getting dentures, which may be holding them back from future success. Here are some common myths about dentures that aren't true.

Myth #1: Dentures Are Permanent and Don't Need to Be Changed

While many people think dentures are a permanent solution, that's just not the case. Most people will have to have their dentures replaced every five to seven years. Just as your natural teeth wear down over time, your dentures will too. Also, your mouth and jaw bones and tissues change over time, which means your old dentures may not fit properly.

Myth #2: Dentures Mean I Don't Have To Come See You

Actually, you still need to visit us twice a year every year. That's because we will need to check your dentures for cracks or other problems. We also need to check your mouth to make sure your dentures fit properly. We will clean your dentures thoroughly. We will also check your mouth for sore spots from your dentures and other issues.

Myth #3: Everyone Will Know I Have Dentures

In the past, it was easy to tell when someone had dentures. However, with the latest dental techniques, it may be very difficult for other people to tell you wear dentures. Today's dentures are made as lifelike as possible. In fact, your dentures may look so realistic, no one but your family will know you're wearing them!

Do you have questions about dentures? Contact us today and let us give you the information you need to make a great choice about dentures.

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