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What is the Purpose of Receiving a Crown?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
What is the Purpose of Receiving a Crown?Crowns are a dental appliance with a wide array of applications. When a tooth has become badly eroded, chipped, or even fractured into multiple pieces, a crown can correct all of those. Whenever possible we like to preserve the natural tooth even if the damage is extensive. This is because when the tooth is extracted, additional, sometimes invasive procedures will need to be performed in order to restore the lost functionality and preserve the jawbone and other supportive structures.

What is a Crown?

They are small appliances which are applied to the biting surface of the tooth. It does not matter if the tooth is damaged by neglect, severe erosion, decay, or disease, the crown can help. It can hold together a tooth even when it has been fractured entirely. They can immensely lengthen the life of the tooth. They have also been used to cover up discolored sections of the tooth. After a root canal, they have been used to strengthen the tooth to properly heal and ensure the infection does not get worse.

Types of Crowns

Crowns are made of different materials. If the crown is going to be placed in the rear of the mouth, typically metal fillings are recommended. While they are obvious, when placed on the back teeth, they aren't quite as noticeable. There are some crowns made of a mixture of metal and porcelain, but the most popular variety are made of porcelain.

The reason they are so popular is they are resilient and have a more natural feel when biting than do the metal ones. Porcelain crowns can also be shaped when placed so they match the other teeth in the patient's mouth. Not only that, but we can tint porcelain crowns to match the color of the existing teeth in the oral cavity, so they blend in, virtually unnoticed. Schedule your appointment with us to get more information on the types of crowns we use in our offices.
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