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Dos and Don'ts of TMJ

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Dos and Don'ts of TMJTMJ or temporomandibular joint is a disorder characterized by pain while chewing food, locking of the jaw joint, pain in the neck and ears, and severe headaches, among many others.

While TMJ disorders can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, you can easily prevent the pain and pave the way towards quick recovery with the right kind of care.

If you suffer from TMJ, there are a few Dos and Don'ts that you must follow to keep yourself comfortable and heal the troubled areas.

The Dos

The following set of dos of TMJ will help you a great deal to manage the symptoms of this disorder and keep you at ease.

•  Make conscious decisions when it comes to food because there are certain types of hard foods that can worsen the symptoms, such as pizza, bagels, chips, and tacos, to name a few. Stick to soft foods like yogurt and mashed potatoes.
•  Try to keep your head straight and upright during activities like eating and talking.
•  Practice relaxation techniques. If you are stressed out and unknowingly end up clenching your teeth, it will worsen the pain. You can try yoga or meditation to relax your mouth and reduce the tension in your jaw.

The Don'ts

Avoid doing the following things if you have TMJ.

•  Don't clench your jaw when swallowing your food because you need to prevent the lower teeth from touching the upper teeth.
•  Don't chew on things like the backs of pencils or your fingernails because the very act can increase the pain by forcing your jaw forward.
•  Avoid strong jaw movements in which you end up either clenching your teeth or opening your mouth too wide because it can exert serious pressure on your mouth and jaw.

If you suffer from TMJ and need help managing your symptoms, contact Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS where Dr. Garcia and Dr. Alexandra Garcia will help you with that. Call us at (346) 250-2930 to book an appointment today.
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