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Is a Dental Crown Required Over a Large Filling?

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Is a Dental Crown Required Over a Large Filling?While dental fillings are common treatments for cavities, they have their limitations. Both composite and metal amalgam fillings do not last forever, and when they begin to wear away, your tooth will be vulnerable to decay and infection. Here are some reasons why you may need to have a crown placed over a large filling.

A Crown Strengthens Your Tooth

Not only do fillings begin to wear away over time and require replacing every five to ten years, but metal amalgam fillings also react to temperature changes. Like pavement expanding and contracting when the seasons change, amalgam fillings expand and contract in response to temperature changes that occur in your mouth when you eat or drink something cold or hot. This can cause small cracks and fractures that weaken your tooth, and you may develop more severe cracks over time. Plus, when a filling contracts, there is more space around it where bacteria can enter and contribute to infection and decay.

A crown, on the other hand, strengthens your tooth because it covers the entire tooth. Porcelain crowns are durable enough to withstand the force of chewing and will not wear away like a filling would. Porcelain crowns also do not react to temperature changes the way metal fillings do.

Crowns Protect Against Further Decay

When a filling starts to wear out, more of your tooth's surface will become exposed. Bacteria, food debris, and plaque can enter the area that was once protected by the filling, leading to tooth decay. The previously filled cavity can open back up and begin to expand, or a new cavity can form in another part of the tooth. If your tooth is covered by a crown, bacteria cannot enter and cause decay.

Crowns Are Less Noticeable

Another reason you may want to have a crown placed over a large filling is because fillings are noticeable, especially when they are made of metal. Depending on the location of your fillings, large ones can often be seen when you talk, laugh, or smile, which might make you feel self-conscious. Porcelain crowns, on the other hand, are nearly indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Call our office today to inquire about dental crowns.
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