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How Caring for Dentures is Different Than Caring for Natural Teeth

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
How Caring for Dentures is Different Than Caring for Natural TeethDentures are oral appliances used to replace missing teeth. They help restore your smile and the ability to chew food properly. With them, you will have the confidence to interact with others freely. Taking good care of your dentures is crucial for their durability. To take good care of your dentures, you need to realize that caring for dentures is different than caring for your natural teeth.

Hard Foods

One of the ways to care for dentures is by avoiding hard foods. This is because hard foods can damage the dentures and dislodge them from their position. Instead, you are advised to eat soft foods that are easy to chew. On the other hand, natural teeth can chew any type of food. They are hard in nature and can sustain high pressure. Unless one has an underlying oral condition, they can enjoy any food of their choice. This is not the case with dentures.


Another difference between caring for dentures and natural teeth revolves around flossing. You cannot floss dentures. Instead, you can only soak them in an antibacterial and cleaning solution on a daily basis. Flossing isn't possible because dentures don't have gaps, as is the case with natural teeth. You need to take out the dentures at the end of the day and clean them by brushing.

On the other hand, flossing is very important when it comes to caring for your natural teeth. You need to floss your teeth once every day for the best results. Flossing is very important because it helps eliminate food particles and bacteria that brushing might have missed. Using the right floss is very important to prevent damaging the gums. Generally, taking good care of your oral health helps prevent infections that could lead to tooth loss. Visit our offices for more information on how to take care of dentures and natural teeth.
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