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Who is a Good Candidate for a Sinus Lift?

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Who is a Good Candidate for a Sinus Lift?When patients lose a tooth in the upper jaw, a dental implant is a great way to restore the tooth and its functions. However, dental implants require that patients have sufficient bone mass to hold them in place. When the bone mass is not adequate, then they may require a sinus lift procedure. Although it may sound new, sinus lift is a very common procedure for dental implant patients.

What is Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift is a procedure that patients get to make more space for additional bone graft that we add to the existing bone in the upper jaw. Also called a sinus augmentation, it is usually done by a maxillofacial professional or a prosthodontist. Our professionals lift the sinus membrane upward and make more space for the new bone.

How Is A Sinus Lift Done?

Our professionals will examine your jawbone and go over your medical records with you. Then, we will decide how you want to source for the bone graft. We carry out the procedure under local anesthesia for the comfort of the patient. Our professionals will cut a small portion through the gum and the bone underneath to expose the sinus cavity. Then we fill the space with the bone graft. After this, we will seal the incision and allow the healing process to do the rest.

Who Can Undergo A Sinus Lift Procedure?

Our professionals consider you a good candidate for sinus lift if you require a dental implant in your upper jaw, but you do not have adequate bone mass. More importantly, your jawbone should be completely mature. Young people with jawbones that are still forming cannot undergo a sinus lift procedure. Also, you should be in good general health, with no underlying medical conditions that can cause a risk to the procedure. Overall, getting detailed professional analysis of your candidacy is best. So contact us today to schedule a convenient consultation.

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