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Bridge, But Not The Tappan Zee

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Bridge, But Not The Tappan ZeePrior to the introduction of dental implants, bridges were the ideal method for tooth replacement. Dental bridges, as the name suggests, help bridge the gap that is created when you lose a tooth or a couple of them. They are one of the treatments that prosthodontists use to replace missing teeth.

What Is a Bridge?

Although dental implants are considered the best option for tooth replacement, patients sometimes prefer to get a bridge. A bridge runs across the gap left between the missing tooth. A crown is used to secure the bridge on either side with a false tooth known as a pontic in the middle. Bridges are made of various materials, with the common ones being porcelain and ceramic.

Dental Bridge Placement

The first step in placing a bridge is the preparation of the abutment teeth. A dentist removes parts of the tooth, especially the sides as well as the top of the two abutment teeth. This helps make room for crowns placement. A dentist takes dental impressions and uses them to fabricate the bridge. Often, the bridge is a single piece and the crowns are found on both sides while the pontic is in between. Once the bridge is fabricated, a patient returns to have it fitted. The dentist will ensure that the color of the bridge matches that of the teeth. The crowns are then cemented onto the abutment teeth and that's it.

Many people avoid replacing their missing teeth, especially the molars because they aren't visible. However, that is a bad idea. A missing tooth creates a gap, which, if not filled with an artificial tooth, the other teeth can shift into it. As a result, you may have bite alignment and spacing issues. You may also have bone loss. Visit our office we examine and evaluate you for dental bridges. Book your appointment today.

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