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Innovations In Prosthodontics Treatments

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Innovations In Prosthodontics TreatmentsAdvancements in technology have helped improve medicine on all fronts. The prosthodontist field has not been left behind either. Prosthodontists now have access to technology that allows them to perform their work more effectively. The medical procedures they perform rely heavily on technology as well. Here are some of the technological innovations in prosthodontics treatments.

Antibacterial Coated Implants

Traditionally, it was necessary for prosthodontists to administer an antibacterial on the area to be implanted. This has always been a big challenge for prosthodontists considering that the procedure happens in the mouth. However, technology has changed things for the best. Prosthodontists can now administer antibacterial without necessarily having to place them on the spot. The innovation of antibacterial coated implants makes their work easier.

Digital Implant Planning

Before an implant is placed in the mouth, there has to be a planning phase. The planning phase includes measuring, designing, and calculating to see that the implant fits perfectly where it is supposed to go. In this digital age, the process of planning is fully digitized. Both implants and wearables are modeled digitally before being produced. This ensures accuracy in the products that are used in prosthodontics treatments.

Precision Computer-Assisted Implants

Most importantly, it's the role played by technology and innovations in the placing of implants in their place. The use of computer-aided modeling ensures precision in implant-placing processes. To make sure surgical processes are more accurate and less harmful. This is one of the ways to ensure that the process does not result in side effects.

Prosthodontists have for a long time been improving their practice through the use of technology. Innovations come in and help streamline the process of treatment, making it easier for the experts to perform their roles. These innovations are just but a few of the many available in the market.

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