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Will I Be In Pain Once I Get My Dental Implant?

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Will I Be In Pain Once I Get My Dental Implant?Compared to regular treatments, dental implants provide a more permanent solution for tooth replacement. They offer a more natural-looking smile. Again, implants do not need any special maintenance, you clean them just like you do to your teeth. People with dental implants do not have bone loss like those without, and dental implant prostheses help improve oral health. One thing that worries patients is fear of pain once they get dental implants.

Fearing the Pain of Receiving Dental Implants

We cannot deny that dental implants provide a great way of achieving a new attractive smile. Nonetheless, for some patients, there may be too much dental anxiety if they think of getting implants. This arises because of the potential pain that is believed to accompany the procedure and the post-care. If you fret about having surgery or dread the idea of getting implants inserted into the jaw, you need to realize that dentists strive to ensure you have a painless experience during the procedure. That is why prosthodontists use sedation dentistry or anesthetic.

Although dental implant placement is not painful due to the use of a numbing agent or sedation, after the procedure, you have some level of pain. The pain varies from one person to another. You may experience only mild discomfort or significant pain. As such, you need to discuss your dental sedation needs with the dentist. Knowing your expectations for pain is crucial because it helps prepare psychologically and get answers to any concerns you might have.

Managing Discomforts after Implants

A dentist will provide post-op care guidelines that you have to adhere to in order to ensure fast healing time and reduce discomfort. The dentist may prescribe pain medication or even anti-inflammatory drugs to ease swelling and pain.  Are you ready for a new, improved, and functional smile? Consider getting dental implants. Make sure you follow the post-op instructions that our prosthodontist offers you. Visit us today to get your dental implants.

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