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3 Tips To Prepare For The Dental Bridge Procedure

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
3 Tips To Prepare For The Dental Bridge ProcedureA dental bridge allows a dentist to replace several teeth using a single prosthetic. The placement of dental bridges is considered moderately invasive. A dental bridge features two main components – the artificial teeth known as pontic as well as the abutment or support structure. A row of crowns attached to each other using dental adhesive is a characteristic of dental bridges. The crowns on both ends are hollow, they resemble the ones dentists utilize to restore a damaged or fractured tooth. These crowns on the ends of the bridge form the support structure. If you want to prep for the procedure, these three things will come into play.

Provide Your Dental History

If you are seeking to get dental bridges it is paramount that you provide your full dental history to the dentist. Using this information, the prosthodontist will help diagnose, screen, evaluate, and create a treatment plan.

Find out about Financing and Insurance Cover

You need to get a complete picture of what amount you will be paying for the treatment and the time and effort. It is crucial you determine what it takes from start to finish during the permanent dental bridge procedure. Inquire if the prosthodontist offers payment plans and what insurance they accept. This way, you are able to plan ahead.

Preparing for Anesthesia and Sedation

Getting anesthesia allows you to remain pain-free and comfortable as the dentist conducts the procedure. Pain management is an important part of modern dentistry. Therefore, if you get anxious when you get into a dental office or sit on a dental chair, you are a candidate for sedation. However, since pain management drugs can interact with medications you take, you should let the dentist know of any medicines you are using. Want to restore confidence and breathe fresh life into your smile? Contact our prosthodontics team.

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