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When Can You Get Porcelain Onlays?

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
When Can You Get Porcelain Onlays?Onlays offer a great way of improving your smile and providing protection to your teeth. Porcelain onlays are suitable for people who want to repair intensive damage done to their teeth. If you want to keep up with your dental hygiene while also transforming your smile, you can consider these restorations. Although onlays can be fitted inside the tooth, they always extend up to reach the chewing surface. In the past, onlays used to be fabricated from gold, however, today, there are tooth-colored onlays.

When to Get Porcelain Onlays

When there is extreme damage to the tooth's cusps, you may be recommended porcelain overlays. Once the damaged section of the tooth is repaired, a dentist cements the porcelain onlay onto the tooth. One great thing about these onlays is that they last long and are scratch-resistant. You can get porcelain onlays to repair fractured fillings, decayed teeth, large fillings, and broken or fractured teeth.

What Porcelain Onlays Installation Involves

In most cases, fitting onlays require two appointments. In your initial appointment, a dentist takes several impressions to be used to make a temporary onlay and the custom onlay. After numbing the tooth, the dentist removes any old filling or decay. The area is cleaned thoroughly and the space is shaped to allow the restoration to fit properly. You will then receive a temporary onlay as the custom onlay is being fabricated in a lab.

In the second appointment, you get the permanent onlay placed in place. Some adjustments may be done to ensure the onlay fits appropriately. You also get the required aftercare instruction to ensure your restorations function properly and remain in good shape. If you are thinking of having porcelain overlays, schedule an appointment with us. Call us today for evaluation before we fit your onlays. Depending on your specific issue, we will see the best way to fit the restorations.

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