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Complete Fixed Bridges
Houston, TX

Rendering of a complete fixed bridge at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MSMissing one or two teeth can be annoying, but if you are missing many teeth, it can be a real problem. Without enough teeth, it is difficult to eat. Missing teeth can also affect the way that you speak. We do not even need to mention that missing teeth will make you not want to smile because you do not want people to see the state of your teeth. If you are missing many teeth, or if you have several loose teeth, come to see us here at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS. There are ways that we can replace teeth, even if you are missing most or all of them. One of the solutions could be a complete fixed bridge.

Live Your Life Again With a Complete Fixed Bridge

With a complete fixed bridge, you will be able to smile with confidence once again. A complete fixed bridge will help you to enjoy things once again that you thought were no longer possible.

A complete fixed bridge is not the same thing as complete dentures. With dentures, you can remove them. Complete fixed bridge will become a part of the patient's mouth.

If you are a candidate for a complete fixed bridge, we will need to remove any teeth that are left.

When you lose teeth, you will also start to lose bone in your jaw. That is why an early step to a complete fixed bridge could be a bone graft. This will give you the bone that you will need to proceed. We will use bone granules, and we will place them where you are missing enough bone. These granules will become part of your jaw.

For a complete fixed bridge, we will use dental implants to hold the bridge in place. These will require that we add screws in your jaw where we added the bone. The screws need to become part of your jaw as well, and it could take several weeks. We will monitor your progress along the way.

Once the screws are ready, we will complete the dental implants. We will place permanent crowns on the screws. These will look and feel like natural teeth.

The bridge will then be added and secured to the implants. We will check everything over to make sure that your new bridge is comfortable and that it is in your mouth correctly.

Your new complete fixed bridge will be a permanent part of your mouth. You will not be able to take it out the same way that dentures can be taken out. You will be able to eat again foods that you might have given up. No one will know that you have a complete fixed bridge unless you decide to tell them because it will look like natural teeth.

You Have Options

Here at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS, we have helped others to regain some freedom in their lives with complete fixed bridges. If you are ready to take that step, call us at (346) 250-2930. There is no reason to put it off any longer.

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