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Dr. Alexandra Garcia is offering this blog as a resource to the community. We hope that this blog will cover subjects that you and your family may be interested in.

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How to Avoid Gum Disease When You Have Implants
Posted on 3/30/2020 by Alexandra Garcia DDS MS
Dental implants are very popular because of their restorative ability. When you lose your teeth for one reason or another, you want to replace them with something that is nearly as strong and allows you to have that beautiful smile you always had or always wanted. The implants involve fusing the posts to the jawbone, which then supports all the teeth. One of the biggest concerns when dealing with dental implants is getting gum disease or some type of oral infection. With proper care, you can avoid this type of situation and increase your chances of a successful implant procedure. Dental Care With Implants If you want to avoid getting periodontal disease, there are a few things you have to do. Although they are basic, they work as advertised and keep the mouth germ free. The very first one is with regard to dental hygiene. When your mouth is clean, it's highly unlikely that your gums are going to be infected. As such, cleaning the mouth as recommended by the doctor is mandatory. As the gum is healing, soft bristles are highly recommended since they are less likely to cause any damage. Keeping Dentist Appointments After the implants are set, we will often ask you to come back for a checkup after a certain number of weeks. These checkup sessions are quite crucial because they tell us about the status of the mouth as a whole and how the healing process is coming along. It's from this point that we can then determine if there is any infection creeping in and, if there is, determine what to do next. Although dental implants help out a great deal when someone loses their teeth, they can be a cause of gum disease if you don't take care of them well enough. If you have been thinking about getting some dental implants and have questions on how it will be and how you will take care of them until you heal, simply talk to us, and we'll answer every question that you have....

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