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Effects of Tooth Loss
Houston, TX

A doctor holding up a lost tooth at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS in Houston, TXWhen it comes to taking care of your oral cavity, it's an investment that pays you for years. After all, missing teeth can affect you in several ways. Whether you lose a single tooth or your multiple teeth are lost, you may experience a wide range of effects, from low self-esteem and self-confidence to altered bite and facial structure.
What causes tooth loss and what are the possible effects of losing teeth? What are the available solutions that can allow you to deal with tooth loss?

Causes of Tooth Loss

You may lose your teeth due to one or more of the following reasons.
•  Poor oral hygiene that leads to cavities and tooth decay
•  Gum disease, such as periodontics
•  Dental injury
•  A poor diet

Effects of Tooth Loss

Regardless of the cause of tooth loss, it is important to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible because it can lead to several negative effects beyond your smile. Some of the possible effects of tooth loss include the following.

Altered Bite

In case of tooth loss, your upper and lower jaws do not meet appropriately, which leads to problems with your jaw joint and also result in increased tooth sensitivity.

Deterioration of Your Jaw Bone

Your tooth's root stimulates the jaw bone, and in case of a lost tooth, your jaw bone doesn't get the stimulation it needs to stay strong and healthy. As a result, your jaw bone starts losing mass that affects your facial structure.

Affects Your Nutrition

In case of tooth loss, particularly with the loss of multiple teeth, it is difficult to eat and chew foods. Hence, tooth loss can also affect your diet. When you cannot chew food properly, it can also lead to problems with the digestion of your food.

Modified Speech

With a lost tooth, there is additional space in your oral cavity that affects your pronunciation and speech.

Lowered Self-Confidence

When you have problems, such as altered bite and modified speech, along with changes in your appearance and smile, all of these problems are bound to lower your self-confidence.

Tooth Restoration is the Solution

Whether you have a single lost tooth or you have lost more than one tooth, you can find several solutions that can help you restore your teeth and fix all of the other concerns related to tooth loss.
Some of the common tooth restoration options include:
•  Dental crowns and bridges
•  Partial or complete dentures
•  Dental implants

Dental implants are by far the safest and most effective solution to tooth loss. Whether you need the replacement of a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants make the best choice as they closely mimic the function of a natural tooth. You can have a single tooth implant or multiple tooth implant, depending upon your needs. Moreover, if you need a full set of dental implants, you can opt for solutions such as The All-on-4® Treatment Concept that allows you to restore your smile and confidence.

If you want help restoring teeth, your smile, and get more information about dental implants, get in touch with our dental experts at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS. Give our team a call at (346) 250-2930 to learn more!

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