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Is There a Risk of Corrosion With Dental Implants?

There is always a risk of corrosion with dental implants. Dental implant corrosion is a wet corrosion type caused by an electrochemical reaction in the mouth. It takes place when saliva gets into contact with the metal surface for a long time. Saliva comprises ions and electrolytes, which cause a reaction to take place when they come into contact with the metal.

At Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS, we have a skillful and experienced dentist who will make good use of our state-of-the-art equipment to detect dental implant corrosion quickly. Our dentists will recommend the best possible action depending on the degree of corrosion.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium pieces resembling a screw put into the jawbone to replace the natural tooth root. Bone will grow around the dental implant after holding it in position. After that, a crown or artificial tooth will be placed on top of the implant, replacing the missing tooth. The crown resembles the natural tooth in color, shape, and size.

Dental Implant Cost

Dental implant cost varies depending on the type and number of implants needed, the location within the jaw, and the different procedures to be performed. Our dentists will always estimate the dental implant cost during the initial dental checkup. Our dental implant costs are affordable and can easily be managed by patients on a limited budget.

Dental Implant Materials

Dental implants are made from either titanium or zirconium materials. The materials used in making dental implants are known to demonstrate enough strength and toughness.

Dental implants made from titanium are the most popular. They are preferred because they do not disturb the jawbone in any way. The bone can still grow next to the titanium implant, just like a natural tooth. This helps in ensuring the dental implant lasts longer. There are also dental implants made from zirconia material. It suits patients who have metal allergies.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant installation is performed in stages over some time. The first step involves carrying out x-ray scans to give our dentist a clear picture of the exact place the implant needs to be placed. A minor surgery is performed to fit the dental implants onto the jawbone. Local anesthesia will be administered to help neutralize any discomfort or pain the patient will experience during the procedure. The patient will wait for three to six months to heal, and the implant is stable before heading back to the dentist for crown placement.

Dental Implant Placement

A surgical procedure will have to be performed for successful dental implant placement. If a patient has deficient bone tissue, the dentist will recommend bone regeneration to be performed first before dental implant placement. Our dentist uses modern equipment to ensure successful dental implant placement.

At Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS, we offer reliable gum grafting, cosmetic periodontal surgery, dental implants, and preventive periodontics at affordable prices. Call us at (346) 250-2930 today to schedule an appointment or learn more about dental implants. Our dentists strive to ensure your dental implant procedure is performed fast and is successful.
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