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Mini Dental Implant

Dental implants can be used to replace and restore missing teeth. Implants come with a variety of options based on your individual needs including the prosthetic being used. Mini dental implants can be used as a temporary restoration while bone is growing, or with specific prosthodontics. Working with our staff at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS, we can evaluate and make a recommendation specific to your needs which may include the use of a mini implant.

Standard dental implants are used as a rebuilt tooth root, reestablishing connection with the jawbone. Mini implants perform a similar task, but they are not embedded in the bone. Mini implants are sunk into the soft tissue allowing for a firm hold without the bone support. Patients may choose a mini implant because:
•  Less Invasive Restoring missing teeth with a dental implant is considered a minimally invasive procedure that is often approved for most patients. Mini dental implants allow for an even less invasive process that is often placed with simply a local anesthetic with less discomfort and less healing time.
•  Before or Without a Bone Graft Most standard implant procedures begin with a bone graft to increase the bulk of the bone material. Growing new bone can take many months. Mini implants can be placed without a bone graft, or be used as a temporary holder while bone is growing.
•  Faster Healing: A mini implant may be a preferred choice for a patient who is unable to properly heal. There are multiple reasons a patient may not be able to heal properly. A mini implant requires some tissue healing, but will not require bone healing. The patient can expect the tissue to heal within days versus the months it takes for standard implant bone healing.

Mini implants are often considered a temporary restoration, they do not have the same permanent holding that standard implants have.

Placing Your Mini Dental Implant

Your treatment begins with the application of a local anesthetic, or we may recommend a conscious sedation option depending on other factors. Once the patient is comfortable, we then insert the mini implant by pressing it into the gum tissue at a very specific location predetermined with digital radiology during your consultation. The process is actually quite simple, in many situations there is no drilling or cutting of the tissue. Many mini implant placements do not require holes to be pre-drilled because the threads of the implant are designed to grab onto your tissue. Once placed, we rarely need to apply sutures or stitches as the tissue should be fitted around the implant.

The prosthetic tooth is then secured onto the mini implant. We will check for a secure fit and provide aftercare information. You will want to be aware of signs of infection, any unusual bleeding or swelling. We will also advise you on the foods that can and should not be eaten with the tooth. We will check the status of your mini implant following placement to ensure that it is holding correctly.
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