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Partial Fixed Bridges
Houston, TX

Rendering of a partial fixed bridge at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS in Houston, TX.You might know that a dental implant can replace a single missing tooth. What do you do if you have several teeth that are missing? Does that mean that you will need to have an implant for each tooth that is missing? Are removable dentures the only solution? No, removable dentures are not the only thing that can be done for a group of missing teeth. Here at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS, we would like to talk to you about partial fixed bridges. If you are a good candidate for them, they can give you back your missing teeth without needing an implant for each tooth.

Partial Fixed Bridges Can Replace a Group of Teeth

If you are missing several teeth, you might think that your only option is partial dentures. A partial fixed bridge could be a better solution.

With partial fixed bridges, we will give you new teeth, but it will not be a mouth full of implants. Implants are part of the process, but there is more to it than that.

You will need a couple of dental implants to have a fixed bridge. That is what will anchor the bridge inside your mouth. With dental implants, you need to have enough bone in your jaw. We might need to do a bone graft before we start on the implants.

With the dental implants, we will use screws to create a new root system for the prosthetic teeth. If we did a bone graft, we would need to wait until it has taken before we can start with the screws. Then we will add those to your jaw. The bone in your jaw will fuse with the screws, and they will become part of your jaw.

It will take several weeks for the screws to set. You will probably want to stick to soft foods while you are waiting for that to happen. We will give you temporary crowns for while you are healing.

Once your mouth has healed, and the screws are ready, it will be time for the crowns and the bridge. We will bond it in your mouth to the two implants. This will then become a group of permanent teeth in your mouth. Your partial fixed bridge cannot be removed.

You will care for your partial fixed bridge the same way that you do the rest of your teeth. You will need to brush several times a day. Remember, your partial fixed bridge has become a permanent part of your smile.

We Can Help with Missing Teeth

If you are missing teeth, you need to make an appointment to see us here at Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS. There are things that can be done to replace missing teeth, but the longer you wait, the more complicated it can become. That is not to say that there is no reason to see us if you have been missing teeth for years. We have helped others in that situation, and we want to help you as well. Call (346) 250-2930 and make an appointment so that we can talk about the possibilities.

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At Alexandra Garcia, DDS, MS, we offer partial fixed bridges, which can give you back your missing teeth without needing an implant for each tooth. Learn more here!
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